Soaphoria cosmetics is produced in Slovakia, EU. Each product is made so it pleases the customer, enchants with its beautiful scent and fulfills its function. We purchase most of the herbs and ingredients from local herb producers. Slovakia is known for its beautiful nature and the healing herbs that grow there. At the same time, we try to offer our products for reasonable prices to our customers.

By buying Soaphoria products, you help the EU economy.

We only work with the ingredients of the highest quality that were awarded with a certificate of quality. We prefer herbal raw materials and we try to increase the usage of raw materials produced by ecological agriculture - without chemicals. At the same time, we only work with suppliers whose ethical principles correspond to Soaphoria's values.

Our products are silicone- and paraben-free, they do not containt artificial colorants, scents, oil derivatives or articial conservants. Since 2016, we have also stopped using palm oil in production. This way we are contributing to protecting the nature.

Many cosmetics producers use a lot of raw materials of animal origin. We, however, are replacing them by herbal raw materials. For example glycerol, that we use in our soap bars, is produced from American soy beans. In some cases, we still use precious raw materials of animal origin with healing effects, such as honey, flower pollen extract, lanolin (wool fat), chicken eggs and others.

Part of our products is suitable for vegans - the symbol on a product shows it is 100% vegan.



Less is more! We are particularly proud on how we pack our products. To help protect the nature, we prefer packages from glass and other materials that are more environment-friendly than plastic.

packaging2.jpgWhen chosing the packaging, we take into account the following principles and points of view:

* Economic principle:  It is important to us to keep the prices of our products stable and not raise them just on account of the packaging. We want that our products are accessible to everyone, regardless of their income.

* Rationality principle: we take into account possible risks of accidents when manipulating with our products (not forgetting that also children come in contact with them).

* Ecological principle: all of our packaging materials are certified and produced in the EU. They declared as suitable and safe cosmetics packaging. They are produced from recycled and/or recyclable materials - whether is it glass, paper or plastic.

We also use biologically degradable materials for product labels - paper as well as ink. There is a sign on the labels certifying that they are suitable for the use in cosmetics in industry. The red hemp string is a distinct part of our products' design.

When we pack the products for the delivery to the end customer, we only use paper as a filling material. Unlike many eshops, we do not use synthetis plastic fillings. Its excessive use contaminates the nature. We save the natural resources also by trying to re-use the boxes and filling materials that would otherwise just be thrown away.

By using more ecological packaging options we avoid producing unnecessary trash and therefore we contribute to protecting the environment.


Did you know that mainly bunnies were used for testing of the the ''skin iritation'' effects of cosmetic products? ''Not tested on animals'' should not be just an expression, but it should be implemented in the whole production process - including choosing the right suppliers, testing the products and as well as their packaging.

There is a small symbol on Soaphoria labels that proves our products nor their ingredients are not tested on animals. On the contrary, the products are tested on ''mere mortals'', the people.


Products inspired by nature and made with love!

Our products are results of the honest handwork, performed by Soaphoria team with love.

Each and every products containts a piece of our dedication and passion.